Our Customers

We have a broad client range, coming from public and private sectors, varying in size and scope. Our clients can include a company with an ever changing, multinational site to a simple, private website. We have done extensive work for banks, financial organizations, the public sector, municipalities, travel companies, shopping sites and more.

SJA has gathered tremendous experience over the years and has skilled consultants which the client can draw experience from. SJA works with very different companies with very different needs. As an example SJA has:

Organizations in constant development:

  • Done usability testing with real users
  • Conducted short evaluations, Testing, Reviews and Analysis
  • Managed projects
  • Conducted accessibility reviews and audits

Individual projects:

  • Tailor made projects to suit the needs of the clients
  • Performed usability testing and expert analysis
  • Provided Strategy and Planning, Needs analysis and Tenders

An extensive number of organizations have used SJA’s expertise in the pursuit of making a website both user friendly and accessible to all users. We have an ever growing number of clients and the best thing…they keep coming back!