User Research

Needs Analysis

Sjá’s methodology is based on a couple of components. First, defining the goals and the means to reach them.


We do extensive user research to help us identify these means; such as user interviews, focus groups, brainstorming with users. Identifying the stakeholders – the correct target or user group is crucial.  We build the user journey through these processes.

With this foundation further development of structure, content and functionality is possible. By visualizing the flow and interactivity the main processes are identified and drawn up. The users’ needs are held at the core throughout the process.

Choosing a solution

According to the findings it is possible to put down a description of requirements, detailing functionality and specific solutions are needed. These requirements can be used to choose the right CMS or to compare to existing solutions and to understand what needs to be added.


Sjá assists with strategy, development, testing and implementation or company intrenets as well as overseeing project management. Sjá has assisted in the making of the intrenets for some of Iceland’s largest companies.

Why needs analysis?

Needs analysis is the necessary foundation for a good vision. It makes development and preservation of all products easier be it a website, app or a system. Decision making regarding all issues that arise, such as content or functionality, is much easier when a clear vision is available.  This is a necessary prior step for all development or investment in any kind of solution.

When to use needs analysis?

  • When making a new website/app
  • When retouching an old website/app
  • When there is dissatisfaction
  • When the websites/apps role needs to be reevaluated
  • When making decision regarding content and functionality
  • When a clear vision of which digital path to take is neaded

We deliver:

  • A report; needs analysis – vision and how to get there
  • Results from user research
  • Structural overview
  • Interface and flow – of specific pages and how the interact