Usability Testing

What is usability testing?

We get target group users to use the website/app/interface.  The tasks are defined according to content and functionality. Our specialists observe and analyse the findings.

We test one user at a time, gathering important data on the product and how it can be improved, meeting the users’ needs and demands. Users also answer questionnaires about their background as well as their experience of using the product and how it meets their expectations. User testing gives clear results and is an important part of all website/app/interface development.

Why test with users?

User testing has proven to be very efficient way to get to understand the users, their experience often being different than presumed. Often the users’ understanding is very much different from what the designers or product owners had in mind.  By testing we can better understand the users’ needs and increase usability. A userfriendly website or app is more likely to be successful.

When to test with users?

  • User testing can be used and is helpful throughout the development process. It provides important feedback on all stages of the development.
  • User testing is also important for final products.

We deliver:

  • A report describing the test process and its findings
  • The report is easy to read and use supported by pictures
  • List of all findings and possible ways to address them
  • Suggestions for next development steps