About Sjá

Sjá was founded in 2001, being a company first of its kind in Iceland. Sjá has been a leading figure in user research and accessiblity in Iceland. Sjá specializes in user testing for websites, apps and other interfaces with the aim of casting light on possible issues.

Sjá has extensive experience in digital strategy and analysis working with a wide range of companies both from private and public sectors.



General Manager

Jóhanna holds a MSc degree in social anthropology from LSE (London School of Economics) in London and a BA degree in anthropology and spanish from The University of Iceland. Jóhanna is one of SJÁ’s founders. Jóhanna has extensive experience in the web industry and has worked as a consultant and project manager for many years, during which time she has helped many companies on the path towards digitalisation and policy making. She has conducted extensive research in the field of user experience and usability. Before founding SJÁ she was a project manager at the Icelandic Web Agency.

Email: johanna@sja.is

Tel: (+354) 694-9442


Senior analyst and user research

Áslaug holds a MSc degree in occupational psychology from The University of Hertfortshire in England and a BA degree in psychology from The University of Iceland. Áslaug is one of SJÁ’s founders. Áslaug has extensive experience in project management and consulting and has worked with many companies in digital development and policy making.  Áslaug was a member of Reykjavík City Council for many years. Before founding SJÁ she was a project manager at the Icelandic Web Agency and before that a specialist at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Iceland where she conducted data analysis on matters regarding the disabled and social services.

Email: aslaug@sja.is

Tel: (+354) 699-5223


Accessibility expert

Sigrún holds a MA degree in design for interactive media from The University of Westminster. Sigrún is a clinical psychologist, graduated from The University of Iceland and holds a BA degree in graphic design from the Iceland University of the Arts. Sigrún has in close cooperation with ÖBÍ – The Icelandic Disability Alliance been leading in the development of internet accessibility in Iceland. She has conducted many audits and worked on multiple projects in Iceland and internationally in recent years as well as given talks and conducted workshops on the matter. Sigrún lived and worked in London for 10 years at an international company specialising in web consulting. Sigrún is a member of GAWDS (Guild of Accessible Web Designers).

Email: sigrun@sja.is